Our values

Customer Care 

We continously have the interests of our customers in mind, throughout the different activities of our process. We anticipate their needs and offer provide them with the best solutions. 

 Some years ago, I developped a central Project Office unit for a client. Despite being a member of the IT division, the most concerned actors were on the Business side. Thanks to my Business/IT approach I could make the difference and gain gradually their trust. (Jürgen)


Passion for the Job

Our passion for the job of consultant is translated in our active curiosity regarding new technologies and methdologies, their testing in our labs, and putting them at disposal at our clients’. We are personally involved in the development of our competences. 

  Through my projects, during the colalboration with colleagues as well as through the trainings, I gain experience and remain on par with the evolutions in my field of activity. I am personally involved in obtaining SAP certificates that are not only beneficial for me, but also for the customer. (Bart) 


Honesty and Integrity 

We are deeply convinced by the recommendations we give to our customers. We go for a honest and direct communication with them. Ou behaviour is ethically inspired in all circomstances. 


Responsability and Professionalism 

We are involved in the missions our customers entrust us with. We obtain tangible and lasting results. We adopt a constructive and pragmatic attitude in all circumstances. 

 My customer wants to attain concrete results on the short and on the medium term. As a consultant, I always take their objectives into account and commit to going the extra mile for the success of the project. (Jürgen)


Respect and Tolerance 

We are convinced that the Other has an important added value, even if he/she is different. We respect the experience and the competences of our colleagues. 

I have mainly an HR experience and in my role of polyvalent Assistant, this comes out very handy. There is a good relation with the consultants as they know that they can count on me for the administrive support. I feel appreciated in my role and in our collaboration.(Carole)


Friendliness and Solidarity 

Friendliness and a positive atmosphere is part of our relations. We stand together and nurture the good side of our colleagues. Together we are TETRADE.