c-Project (Collaboration projects)

c-Project is a SAP application that allows you to plan, schedule manage resources and monitor costs of projects. Why c-Project and not the PS module? In c-project everything occurs in a secure and collaborative Web environment. c-Project is consequently a more intuitive application easier to use than PS Module. Irs interface requires a minimal learning for occasional users.

This application can be installed autonomously without any other SAP solution. If this is the case, Costing functionalities will not be available. These functionalities, indeed, require c-Project integration with other SAP R/3 classic modules through PS module (OTP elements) or CO module (Internal orders).

Other integrations are possible such as c-Project with CATS for performance registration, or with c-Folders to make easier the document sharing between participants to a project or even with Microsoft Project that permits the transfer of projects between both applications.

In order to materialize these concepts and develop an implementation expertise, a prototype has been realized on the Tetrade SAP system. C-projects functionalities will be tested and the relevance of this solution with respect to other existing solutions, namely PS, will be assessed.