SAP partner TheValueChain takes over utility specialist Tetrade Consulting
Kontich, 23 June 2016 – TheValueChain has acquired Tetrade Consulting in Auderghem. This means that the SAP Partner now has over 150 consultants. With their combined competencies, both companies wish to expand their market share in the utilities sector. In addition, TheValueChain will be strengthening its position in Wallonia.
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TETRADE is hiring: Senior SAP ABAP Developer

TETRADE Consulting is hiring! We are currently looking for a Senior SAP ABAP Developer. Interested? Send your application to with your CV in attachment.


Your mission

Your role is to write, code, test, and analyze SAP ABAP programs and applications. This includes researching, designing, documenting, and modifying specifications throughout the production life cycle. You will also analyze and amend ABAP errors in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide status reports where required.


Your responsibilities

  • Assist analysts in conceptualizing and developing new SAP programs and applications.
  • Assist in the preparation and documentation of program requirements and specifications.
  • Research and document requirements of program users.
  • Consistently write, translate, and code ABAP programs and applications according to specifications.
  • Respect development best practices and follow guidelines from Tetrade Customers
  • Run and monitor performance tests on new and existing programs for the purposes of correcting errors, isolating areas for improvement, and general debugging.
  • Administer critical analysis of test results and deliver solutions to problem areas.
  • Generate statistics and prepare and write reports for management and/or team members on the status of the programming process.
  • Document consistently your programs and changes.
  • Write programming scripts to enhance functionality and/or appearance of company Web site and/or related Web applications as necessary.
  • Recommend, schedule, and perform software improvements and upgrades.
  • Liaise with network administrators and systems analysts to assist in resolving problems with software products or company software systems.
  • Manage and/or provide guidance to junior programmers.
Your profile


Functional Expertise

  • Have a global vision of the enterprise functions and operational processes

Generic Consulting Expertise

  • Be able to establish a technical assessment
  • Be able to define a solution approach and/or conceive a technical architecture
  • Be able to organize and animate work sessions in complete autonomy
  • Be able to develop alone or within workgroups some topics to be included in TETRADE Intellectual capital database

Product expertise

  • At least 5 years direct experience in ABAP development (including ABAP OO, debugging tools…)
  • Master best practices in SAP development
  • Experience in the SAP IS-U and Utilities ecosystem is an important plus.
  • Knowledge in interfacing development, including webservices
  • Knowledge in ABAP performance tuning
  • Knowledge of SAP integration aspects from Java Applications is a plus
  • Master the SAP TMS system
  • Support Functional team for any topics involving development aspects
  • Mastering Solution Manager and/or NetWeaver (Portal, PI, MI, etc.) is a plus
  • Master SAP global architecture and products integration
  • Hands-on software troubleshooting experience
  • Flexible and adaptable in regards to learning and understanding new technologies
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Technically proficient
  • Highly self-motivated and directed
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
  • Experience working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  • Technology watch of SAP and software products/languages to anticipate evolutions so as to recommend investments/trainings to customers and Tetrade management

Miscellaneous skills

  • Practice the three usual languages (Dutch, French and English)
  • Certification in ITIL and/or Prince II is a plus

BI @ Tetrade

ISO232 A2 Photo BIMaximising the return on ERP solutions and projects depends on many different factors like time, budget, quality of the solution, people, organizational change… One of the often overlooked elements in the integrated picture is the understanding and timely preparation of the future reporting. Whether it is in SAP or BI, reporting is the key element that will help the organization to steer optimally with the help of ERP information. A clear awareness and sound knowledge of BI can therefore make a big difference.

Business Intelligence is a tool that helps reorganizing data created in the source system into meaningful and useful information for business analysis and reporting. Business Intelligence helps managers to make interpretation of a big amount of data transformed into information. The transformation of the data is done outside the transactional systems, which has a positive impact on the performance of the systems.

Working with SAP ERP systems leads to implementing SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse as the solution is fully integrated and allows several SAP standard reporting and analytic tools for each SAP module. Standard available objects (Business Content) recover the ETL layer, Data Storage objects, multidimensional structures called InfoCubes that follow the star scheme design, pre-defined reporting layouts and others inspired by the experience of many SAP customers worldwide.

The experience developed through BI @ TETRADE is to implement BI solutions in support of implementations done on the R/3 side. The main focus is on Utilities as this is one of TETRADE Consulting’s specialties. Projects involve the implementation of Data Flows for Smart Metering to follow the service communication logs, the reporting for the BPEM clarification case monitoring and management with specific reporting templates.

BI also provides standard reporting on the utilization and performance of the BI tool itself, and is therefore applicable to a broad range of industries. More traditional solutions involve therefore: deployment of BI reports based on transversal needs, unfolding the potential of already present but underused BI applications, or optimization and enrichment of existing reporting.

At TETRADE Consulting, our collaborators all go through a BI awareness program or are involved in internal reporting related projects. Currently ongoing internal BI projects focus on the specific reporting needs for  the Meter to Cash process. Based on the standard solution delivered by SAP, this project aims to deliver a ready to use solution that can help customers with their business specifications for the M2C process analysis.

BI @ TETRADE is running on SAP BI 7.3 linked to SAP ECC6.0. For reporting, Business Explorer tools are used such as BEx Analyser and Designer.

For more questions on the possibilities of BI, or for a screening of possible quick-wins for your organization, contact

Atos/Tetrade partnership wins the exploitation market and maintenance of SAP information system and BI to Sibelga

After a very long selection procedure which took almost one year, Tetrade Consulting in partnership with Atos won a huge part of the exploitation market and applicative maintenant. Atos will deal with  the exploitation while Tetrade Consulting will be responsible of the SAP projects maintenance and BI, other applications will be managed by another company. The contract has been signed for 5 years, renewable 3 times each for a duration of 2 years. This contract is the result of Tetrade’s strategy to garanty the implementation and the maintenance of ERP’s customers applications and in the same time develop their competencies and autonomy.

Junior Academy

Every enterprise who wishes to adapt her SAP system to the evolution of the market is confronted with the lack of experts in one or several SAP functions. This shortage pushes companies to encourage changement of jobs, increase wages or daily price without corresponding necessarily with the value they obtain in return. Moreover, companies are reluctant to recruit young consultants due to the high training cost and only being profitable after 2 years. How can we handle the disadvantages created by this situation?

As internally as well as externally not enough experienced consultants answered to the requirements of organisations, TETRADE Consulting was the first in 2005 to propose the concept of the «Junior Academy». The essence of the concept is to devide the efforts between the appealing client and TETRADE concerning recruitment, training and coaching of young people, so that they become quickly profitable than when the client would operate alone.

A contract for the «Junior Academy» could be: recruitment by TETRADE of the profiles needed for her clients, service contract with the client for a period of 6 months at a minimum daily wage, training and coaching by TETRADE, recruitment and selection by the client of several profiles after 6 months and a one-year service contract for the people staying at TETRADE.

This concept is adaptable to your context and your needs. It’s based on a win-win collaboration and has proven its efficiency with several satisfied customers.