What does Business Improvement Plan (BIP) mean?

Does your company meet regular difficulties concerning the general organization, the running of it, the training and the information systems? These problems, although you use to live with them, are energy and time consuming for your team members and could have unexpected consequences on your customers. You couldn’t solve them in the short term because of a lack of internal competencies or time. You hesitate to call an external company because of some bad experiences in the past. In this case, Tetrade’s  ”Business Improvement Plan” (BIP) could certainly interest you.

BIP is a methodology and a commercial offer developped by Tetrade. Both are to be used for the resolution of specific questions.  The BIP methodology describes the process to solve problems but also provides with all the tools to produce recommendations in a very short time. Practically Tetrade Consulting proposes to reach that goal in more or less two weeks time.

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Transition Manager : which added value for the company?

The transition manager is the person responsible for managing temporarily an intermediate step, a transition between a current state and a future desired state by the company.

He is an expert named by stockholders and/or managers of the company. He offers his expertise to manage a company or a department, to solve a problematic situation or to manage a big project. He is a decision maker but also a man of action and project. He conceives and implements solutions at the heart of the company, near by the reality of the teams on the field.

He will adopt a double posture: the consulting on one side to understand the situation, to diagnose it, to elaborate an action plan and on the other side to implement it with the internal teams of the company. At the end of his mission, he transfers to the internal collaborator or the new hire the current affairs in order to guarantee operation continuity.

That is the concept developed by Tetrade with its offer “Creative interim Management”. This service offers many benefits such as a fast setup, profiles with deep multidimensional expertise, objectivity, a concrete and effective sense of responsibility, an important return on investment. Many customers in various sectors already used our service (a.o. Utilities, Manufacturing, IT).


c-Project (Collaboration projects)

c-Project is a SAP application that allows you to plan, schedule manage resources and monitor costs of projects. Why c-Project and not the PS module? In c-project everything occurs in a secure and collaborative Web environment. c-Project is consequently a more intuitive application easier to use than PS Module. Irs interface requires a minimal learning for occasional users.

This application can be installed autonomously without any other SAP solution. If this is the case, Costing functionalities will not be available. These functionalities, indeed, require c-Project integration with other SAP R/3 classic modules through PS module (OTP elements) or CO module (Internal orders).

Other integrations are possible such as c-Project with CATS for performance registration, or with c-Folders to make easier the document sharing between participants to a project or even with Microsoft Project that permits the transfer of projects between both applications.

In order to materialize these concepts and develop an implementation expertise, a prototype has been realized on the Tetrade SAP system. C-projects functionalities will be tested and the relevance of this solution with respect to other existing solutions, namely PS, will be assessed.


SAP Linear Assets

How to represent a complete network and infrastructure of a company in SAP without the notion of equipments, technical posts, the links between these objects, the classification. And avoid all inconveniences and limitations in terms of precise localisation?

The solution brought by SAP is the “Linear Assets” Functionality. The use of traditional objects is maintained and the SAP “Linear Assets” functionality allows a 3D representation of those, more formal in comparison with the simple classification or management of adresses.

This new functionality is very interesting for the representation  of aerial or subterrenean cables used for the transport of electricity or the supplying and the railway signalling, of water- and gaz- pipelines, of roadnetwork integrateing all signalling  and traffic control accessories.

Même si cette fonctionnalité n’est pas encore disponible actuellement, Tetrade Consulting suit cette évolution de près étant donné son intérêt pour ses marchés de prédilection.

Even if this functionality is not available yet, Tetrade Consulting follow his evolution with a huge interest due to the markets covetted.

SPP : SAP Productivity Pack

Well-Known under several labels (like RWD, uPerform, SPP), SAP Productivity Pack allows the semi-automatic creation of documentation. The rule is simple. A document is registered after specific actions produced by the users. SPP records all transactions, buttons and screens used and even adds a complete description of these actions.

The recording – possible in almost all European languages – is stored into static format (like Powerpoint, Word, PDF) and/or dynamic (like demo, interactive exercise, etc). The expected benefit is clear : time savings, visual consistency and a valuable documentation directly available within SAP.

Several recent projects convinced us of the reality of these advantages. In the aim to maximize time savings and obtain the largest benefits from the system, we advice to foresee a good training before using SPP namely  for what the definition of the “templates” and the “taxonomy” to use are concerned, the management  of all different languages, the input of some personal comments or withdrawal of some recording details, … Our experience shows that SPP is a product easy to use and providing many advantages but requiring a complete training to maximize its efficiency.