Business Process Exception Management (BPEM)

Companies using SAP IS/U to manage their activities should deal with different “logs” and/or “exception lists”. The most common are “logs” issued from the Billing and Invoicing processes.  They contain many errors from various types and their exploitation is neither obvious nor ergonomic. How can we make their treatment more efficient?

SAP offers a solution thru BPEM. BPEM does not consist in the improvement of the presentation and ergonomics of exception lists but actually deals with the management of the exception handling processes. This solution goes beyond SAP IS/U and is relevant also for SAP R/3 functional domains and SAP/CRM.

Tetrade has developed on its own SAP IS/U ECC 6.0 system a BPEM prototype. A demo being often better than long theoretical presentations, we invite you, if you are interested to contact Xavier Lemaire to plan a meeting (Tel: 02/675.97.03, E-mail:



Smart Metering

A smart meter tool equiped with an advanced technology which determines the precise way and eventually in real-time the energetic private consumption or for a building or company by transmitting it, by phone or PLC (Power Line Communication), to the smart meter counter. Can we conclude that the Smart Metering is above all technologic?

Certainly not. According to the information received from actors of the liberalized energy market, several core processes will be impacted by the putting into service of the Smart Metering system.

Therefore Tetrade Consulting developped an internal project about smart metering with the following goals :

To create a complete list of impacted core processes by the putting into service of Smart metering counters on supplier’s and distributor’s network manager side;

To draft the core processes impacted before and after the process by SADT methodology (Structured Analysis and Design Technique) ;

Ananlyse the communication interfaces between a SAP IS/U back-end system and the smart counter.

After this phase, Tetrade will organise several workshops, in cooperation with some customers in order to precise and validate le defined model and to emphasize the changes generate by the putting into service of Smart Metering.