Junior Academy

Every enterprise who wishes to adapt her SAP system to the evolution of the market is confronted with the lack of experts in one or several SAP functions. This shortage pushes companies to encourage changement of jobs, increase wages or daily price without corresponding necessarily with the value they obtain in return. Moreover, companies are reluctant to recruit young consultants due to the high training cost and only being profitable after 2 years. How can we handle the disadvantages created by this situation?

As internally as well as externally not enough experienced consultants answered to the requirements of organisations, TETRADE Consulting was the first in 2005 to propose the concept of the «Junior Academy». The essence of the concept is to devide the efforts between the appealing client and TETRADE concerning recruitment, training and coaching of young people, so that they become quickly profitable than when the client would operate alone.

A contract for the «Junior Academy» could be: recruitment by TETRADE of the profiles needed for her clients, service contract with the client for a period of 6 months at a minimum daily wage, training and coaching by TETRADE, recruitment and selection by the client of several profiles after 6 months and a one-year service contract for the people staying at TETRADE.

This concept is adaptable to your context and your needs. It’s based on a win-win collaboration and has proven its efficiency with several satisfied customers.