Businesses are not constantly questioning their mission and strategy. However, they may be faced with specific problems from time to time which need to be resolved in the short-term and without a great deal of investment.

The Business Improvement Plan is meant to complement the strategic approach and is based on a range of tools linked to the business sector, the company’s functions and good organizational practices. Once the problem has been defined, the consultant will carry out the methodological steps contained in the BIP and produce, after about two weeks, recommendations and actions to solve the initial problem.

Given that the effort needed to solve a problem is, by definition, limited in terms of budget and time, the BIP gives specific recommendations rather than structural recommendations. The BIP can easily be applied to the following types of problem:

  • Poor use of information systems by all or part of the company;
  • Poor parameterization of SAP;
  • Communication problem between departments;
  • Covering of jobs or jobs not covered;
  • Unsatisfactory key performance indicators;
  • Processes broken down or too complex;
  • Etc.

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