SAP Services

ISO21 A2 Picture Large 3TETRADE Consulting provides the consultancy work essential for implementing SAP-based financial and logistic functionalities, and for the implementation of SAP IS-U for the water and utilities market.

Our consultants are particularly renowned in the specialized sectors of finance and analysis (EC-CS, CO-PC, CO-PA,…) and in more specific logistical sectors such as PS, PM, CS.
In ISU-U, our Utilities Competence Center has expertise at all levels of the value chain.


In regard to consultancy and implementation of SAP software, TETRADE Consulting is distinguished by its consultants who are able to design an overall solution integrating:

  • The logistical, financial and other sectors (essential for a real end to end process approach);
  • The business processes and SAP functionalities.

These two qualities are essential in carrying out SAP projects rapidly and relevantly. They make the difference between implementation which delivers the added value expected by the client and purely technical implementation of the product.

Download our SAP Services brochure (PDF format)