Supply Scenario

The Supply Scenario concept is part of the IDE (Intercompany Data Exchange) sub module of SAP IS-U (Industry Solution – Utilities). The Supply Scenario processes are used to model supply situations in your system in one single user-friendly process. This Supply Scenario solution, used in combination with the Master Data Generator, is able to create contract accounts, utility installations, contracts, non billable services, move in and/or move out documents in one single process. Once applied to a Point of Delivery, it allows to see at a glance the past, present and future supply situation of a PoD.

The Supply Scenario concept is detailed in a set of 6 videos. This set of videos starts with a theoretical overview of the Supply Scenario but quickly moves to more practical demonstrations illustrating some functionalities of the Supply Scenario Concept.

Introduction (video 1)

This first video introduces the concept of Supply Scenario. It is intended to provide an overview of the Supply Scenario functionality.  It shows and explains also some business scenarii in which the use of the supply scenario has an added value.

Video 2

This video shows how to model a Single Contract Model in one single process using the supply scenario. It explains which objects are created and why they are created in order to fit with the Single Contract Model.

Video 3

Video 3 is similar to Video 2. It shows how to create a Dual Contract Model with the supply scenario. This video is intended to show the flexibility of the supply scenario solution. It allows, indeed to configure a wide range of supply situations.

Video 4

This video covers the processes that can be used after having applied a supply situation to a Point of Delivery. It shows how to shift, end and continue a supply situation. In other words, it shows how to move the start date of a contract, how to stop a contract and how to continue an ended contract using the supply scenario processes.

Video 5

The added value of the Supply Scenario alone will be limited in utility companies but the combination of the Supply Scenario processes with other processes will strongly increase the added value of this tool. As such, this video integrates the switch documents in the supply scenario processes. This allows to keep track of all activities performed during the supply scenario processes.

Conclusion (Video 6)

This last video details the strengths and weaknesses of the supply scenario concept. It also provides contact details in case of interest for this topic or any other SAP IS/U related subject.