Principles and pragmatism

ERP Projects are all about solutions, people, KPIs and maximizing return – but also about much more. Because of this layered reality, strong and pragmatic project management is essential for the success of your projects.

Without any doubt, one of the key elements of a project is a clear scope definition, and a budget in line with the foreseen ambition – be it in terms of time, finance, internal and external resources, expertise and ownership.

Managing this potential correctly involves traditionally a project management methodology like ASAP, Prince2, PMBOK, Scrum or comparable in-house methodologies. However, the power of these methodological frameworks is very often overestimated. They can be overkilling if  their guiding principles are not translated in a realistic way.

Similarly, the implementation approach needs to be continuously balanced between Business needs and IT capabilities along the project life cycle. In many projects, the IT delivery  has a dominating weight  although the objective of the project (the reason why the project is implemented) is fully expressed in Business words and features. Therefore, it is essential to raise  Project Management above this monolithic focus, and embed it in an approach that reconciles Business and IT.

At TETRADE Consulting, we firmly believe that delivering a project according to quality standards, on time and budget is only possible with a blended approach, combining sound principles and a pragmatic methodology, while respecting the interests of the different stakeholders.

Within TETRADE, we have skilled project managers and senior consultants who have years of experience in international or local projects, large or small, SAP and non-SAP.

In addition to on-site involvement at our different customers, each of our collaborators is active in one or more internal projects. These projects focus on Business analysis, Process modeling, or System set-up on our own SAP ECC 6.0. system.

At TETRADE, a strong awareness of the ASAP philosophy and profound knowledge of the Prince2 methodology are privileged, as complement to the extensive experience sharing.

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