SAP Linear Assets

How to represent a complete network and infrastructure of a company in SAP without the notion of equipments, technical posts, the links between these objects, the classification. And avoid all inconveniences and limitations in terms of precise localisation?

The solution brought by SAP is the “Linear Assets” Functionality. The use of traditional objects is maintained and the SAP “Linear Assets” functionality allows a 3D representation of those, more formal in comparison with the simple classification or management of adresses.

This new functionality is very interesting for the representation  of aerial or subterrenean cables used for the transport of electricity or the supplying and the railway signalling, of water- and gaz- pipelines, of roadnetwork integrateing all signalling  and traffic control accessories.

Même si cette fonctionnalité n’est pas encore disponible actuellement, Tetrade Consulting suit cette évolution de près étant donné son intérêt pour ses marchés de prédilection.

Even if this functionality is not available yet, Tetrade Consulting follow his evolution with a huge interest due to the markets covetted.