SPP : SAP Productivity Pack

Well-Known under several labels (like RWD, uPerform, SPP), SAP Productivity Pack allows the semi-automatic creation of documentation. The rule is simple. A document is registered after specific actions produced by the users. SPP records all transactions, buttons and screens used and even adds a complete description of these actions.

The recording – possible in almost all European languages – is stored into static format (like Powerpoint, Word, PDF) and/or dynamic (like demo, interactive exercise, etc). The expected benefit is clear : time savings, visual consistency and a valuable documentation directly available within SAP.

Several recent projects convinced us of the reality of these advantages. In the aim to maximize time savings and obtain the largest benefits from the system, we advice to foresee a good training before using SPP namely  for what the definition of the “templates” and the “taxonomy” to use are concerned, the management  of all different languages, the input of some personal comments or withdrawal of some recording details, … Our experience shows that SPP is a product easy to use and providing many advantages but requiring a complete training to maximize its efficiency.