Transition Manager : which added value for the company?

The transition manager is the person responsible for managing temporarily an intermediate step, a transition between a current state and a future desired state by the company.

He is an expert named by stockholders and/or managers of the company. He offers his expertise to manage a company or a department, to solve a problematic situation or to manage a big project. He is a decision maker but also a man of action and project. He conceives and implements solutions at the heart of the company, near by the reality of the teams on the field.

He will adopt a double posture: the consulting on one side to understand the situation, to diagnose it, to elaborate an action plan and on the other side to implement it with the internal teams of the company. At the end of his mission, he transfers to the internal collaborator or the new hire the current affairs in order to guarantee operation continuity.

That is the concept developed by Tetrade with its offer “Creative interim Management”. This service offers many benefits such as a fast setup, profiles with deep multidimensional expertise, objectivity, a concrete and effective sense of responsibility, an important return on investment. Many customers in various sectors already used our service (a.o. Utilities, Manufacturing, IT).