What does Business Improvement Plan (BIP) mean?

Does your company meet regular difficulties concerning the general organization, the running of it, the training and the information systems? These problems, although you use to live with them, are energy and time consuming for your team members and could have unexpected consequences on your customers. You couldn’t solve them in the short term because of a lack of internal competencies or time. You hesitate to call an external company because of some bad experiences in the past. In this case, Tetrade’s  ”Business Improvement Plan” (BIP) could certainly interest you.

BIP is a methodology and a commercial offer developped by Tetrade. Both are to be used for the resolution of specific questions.  The BIP methodology describes the process to solve problems but also provides with all the tools to produce recommendations in a very short time. Practically Tetrade Consulting proposes to reach that goal in more or less two weeks time.

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