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GDPR and SAP: how to pave the way for compliancy

7 December 2017
16:30h,  Kontich

Organized by


As from May 2018, nearly all data relating to individuals residing in the EU will be protected by GDPR. This includes uniquely identifying information, but also information requested by websites (IP, e-mail addresses, …), physical device information and online transaction histories, across every conceivable online platform. As SAP systems often hold a significant amount of personal data, it is important that organizations using SAP act now to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises.

To prepare for GDPR, you need to set your vision and strategy, and create structures for achieving operational change and compliance.

This requires multi-disciplinary skill sets. That is why SAP Partner TheValueChain joins hands with Inpuls and Snow. Together, we offer SAP clients a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to GDPR.

And in one strike, we optimize your license cost!

Inpuls: information strategy and governance

As a specialist in information strategy and governance, Inpuls supports organisations to get insight into their processes with regard to privacy. Inpuls performs GDPR readiness assessments and helps you develop your strategy and roadmap.

Snow: asset management

Snow Software is a leading developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. Snow GDPR Risk Assessment provides complete visibility of all devices, users and applications across on-premises, cloud and mobile, augmented with GDPR-specific risk assessment to build an effective GDPR plan and response.

TheValueChain: translate strategy into operational systems

As a value-added SAP Partner, TheValueChain helps you translate strategies into processes and operational systems.


Target group: CFO, CIO, CTO, decision-takers in legal, procurement, sales and marketing
Venue: Restaurant Condacum, Pierstraat 311, 2550 Kontich, Belgium

4:30 pm | Welcome drink

5:00 pm | How to achieve GDPR compliance: roadmap and pitfalls – Jan Maarten Willems,
managing partner of Inpuls

5:20 pm | How does asset management help SAP clients to become compliant? – Koen Schaeffers, sales specialist SAP at Snow, and Jan Christoffels, presales GDPR at Snow

5:40 pm | GDPR Starter Package: the pragmatic way to compliancy for your SAP environment – Alex Mesmaekers, partner at TheValueChain

6:00 pm | Networking, sandwiches

Logos of TheValueChain, Inpuls and Snow Software

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30 November, Luxembourg: How to become a leader in the digital world

30 November 2017 event Luxembourg

It seems like every post on social media is about digital transformation: APIs, blockchain, Internet of Things, machine learning, …

On Thursday, 30 November, we will explain these topics, and show you how SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo allow you to take advantage of emerging technologies. Let real client cases inspire you. We will also take the time to discuss use cases for your organization.


10:00 Check-in for journey digital transformation

10:30 How to become a leader in the digital world. Get inspired:

  1. Case 1: Dutch Post (PostNL) reduced 5-15 hours per partner onboarding for eCommerce services
    using SAP Cloud Platform
  2. Case 2: Port of Rotterdam is creating new business models by sharing their air quality data from their IoT sensors using SAP Cloud Platform
  3. Case 3: Bugaboo amazes its online visitors continuously by creating personalized website experiences using data driven APIs

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Group interactions, discussions, wrap-up

14:00 Closing

VENUE: Parc Hotel Alvisse, 120 route d’Echternach, 1453 Luxembourg

Step into the digital world and reserve your seat for this exclusive event. Your digital journey starts today!

Kind regards,
Anthony Doerga, Luis Carvalho Da Silva, Marc Beckers and Philippe Hamtiaux

This is a Gumption Frontstage event with a 100{bdc3d74788b7f3e13e6d9fe4dd32d62c094950b2f09f4b877752363f34060121} focus on knowledge transfer and commitment. Free of charge. Seating is limited.

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Register now for ‘GDPR, with P for pragmatic’ (26 October)

GDPR time for action

Have you marked 25 May 2018 in bold and red in your diary? Because that is the day your company must comply with GDPR, the new European regulation for better protection of citizens’ data.

So much to do, so little time

GDPR means there is much work to be done. It has implications for your data streams, security and data governance, among other things. Almost all decision-making centres are involved: from C-level to finance, marketing, sales, HR, legal and IT. If you do the work right, your information management will be future-ready.

GDPR pragmatic & one-stop shop

Together with Inpuls, Gumption has drawn up a STARTER PACKAGE: a multidisciplinary approach focusing on the different perspectives. Based on a list of questions and workshop, we will develop a GDPR roadmap plus action plan for you, with the right priorities and an appropriate amount of detail. Afterwards, we can also assist you, if need be, with the implementation, from A to Z.

Agenda – Thursday 26 October 2017

Target group: CEO, CIO, CISO, CTO, CSMO, decision-makers in legal and HR

18:00: Reception with walking dinner
19:00: Step-by-step plan for GDPR compliance (Jan Maarten Willems, managing partner at Inpuls)
19:30: Implications for security, data governance and data streams (Olivier Leroy, partner at Gumption)
20:00: GDPR Starter Package (Alex Mesmaekers, partner at TheValueChain)
20:15: Post-event chat and networking

GDPR with Gumption and Inpuls

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Belux launch of AppyThings: faster innovation based on APIs

Dutch company AppyThings is expanding its sphere of activity to Belgium and Luxembourg. For that purpose, it will join forces with Gumption. TheValueChain and AppyThings will operate in tandem to accelerate digital innovation with SAP customers. You can learn more about the company at the Digital Shift SAP Forum at Brussels Expo on 6 September.

AppyThings supports companies with digital transformation and the development of API programmes. With APIs, you can open up business data and functionality to apps and websites, including of third parties. “AppyThings focuses on four use cases: application integration, customer engagement, new earnings models and Internet of Things”, says Ivan Leysen of TheValueChain. “These use cases are perfectly in line with our service offering.”

Digital leadership thanks to APIs

‘We live in an API economy,’ says Anthony Doerga, founder and managing partner. ‘APIs are the cornerstone of many successful digital strategies and business platforms. API programmes were the making of companies such as Airbnb, Apple and Facebook. The same principles can be applied to any organisation. By opening up certain data and functions to partners, you create alternative earnings models, find new customers and increase engagement of existing customers. A smart API strategy helps you build your digital leadership.’


In the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, AppyThings achieved success with customers such as PostNL, the Port of Rotterdam, Maastricht University and Bugaboo. Some examples: ‘Via an API platform, you connect your SAP on premise or in the cloud to CRM or HR systems of other vendors to exchange data,’ says Anthony Doerga. ‘You personalise a product configurator based on actual local weather data. You organise a hackathon for developers with restricted access to certain data or functions of your backend system. Or you integrate sensors with an app that tells you when machines are due for a service.’

Gumption as a springboard

For the launch in Belgium and Luxembourg, AppyThings entered into a joint venture with Gumption. The two companies have also forged a strategic collaboration in the Netherlands. Bart Embrechts, managing partner of Gumption: ‘The services offered by AppyThings are in line with the strategy of other companies in the group, such as TheValueChain and Bmatix. The approach of AppyThings opens up a whole new world for many customers.’

To serve the Belgian-Luxembourg market, AppyThings plans to increase its number of employees from 14 to 20. ‘We are targeting an annual turnover in Belux in 2022 of 12.5 million euros with 125 employees,’ says Anthony Doerga. ‘Gumption will be the springboard that helps us achieve this.’

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A fascinating look at the ‘hyperconscious customer’ in Trends

On 13 June, Trends published an interview with Anouck Decock of TheValueChain, Tom Aerden of SAP and Shalini Mitha of Hybris. A fascinating look at the hyperconscious customer and the marketer of the future.

(on customer engagement)

Because of the evolution towards a more digital economy and the success of social media, today’s customers are better informed, show greater engagement and are more vocal about what they like or dislike. This doesn’t mean that the demands in the consumer economy are extravagant. On the contrary. A survey of 2,000 customers revealed that, above all, they are looking for simplicity and value. (Shalini Mitha)

(on marketing skills)

We need marketers with a very diverse set of skills: on the one hand, you have to be a good data scientist to extract the right information from all the data; on the other hand, you also need to have good soft skills to have a perfect understanding of the customer. (Tom Aerden)

(on hyperpersonal communication)

The future is in hyperpersonal communication: delivering the right message at the right time and via the right medium to the right person. This opens up a whole host of possibilities, especially if you combine this with predictive analytics, where you make predictions about buying behaviour and intentions based on the past. (Anouck Decock)

Read the full article (NED | FRA)

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Visit our booth at SAP Forum … and get a tasteful surprise!

SAP Forum Digital Shift 2017 booth 17

On 6 September, SAP Forum in Brussels Expo will focus on digital transformation.
As Gold Partner of the event, TheValueChain will host several interesting topic lunches and expert sessions.

Our goal? To inspire you with real cases and share hands-on practices.
Join us? Please reserve your seat ASAP, as places book up really quickly!

SAP Forum 2017 agenda TheValueChain


SAP Forum logo


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TheValueChain Wallonia opens new offices – aftermovie

Opening TheValueChain office WalloniaOn April 27, TheValueChain opened a new office in Wavre. It is the new base for TheValueChain Wallonia and Tetrade Consulting.

Colleagues from Flanders visited the offices of the Ferme des 4 Sapins, as TheValueChain’s new building is called. This renovated farmhouse was successfully converted into office space a few years ago.

We had a couple of great presentations and a wonderful barbecue.

Have a look at the photos on our Facebook Page.

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Cases, Heartbeat

Review: Beyond Simple event, 16 May

TheValueChain Beyond Simple 16 May 2017TheValueChain’s latest Beyond Simple event focused on real business cases: new SAP technologies at work.

Today’s world is a complex, integrated place. SAP’s approach to simplifying the technology layer underlying the life of everyone in business, is a brilliant move: they take everything back to the basic building blocks.

SAP has fundamentally changed what they are – not just an ERP, but a digital platform company. They have built a development platform, a set of solutions, products and services that enable you to fundamentally change how you run your business, reduce costs and improve customer service.

The road to transformation is challenging, though. It is easy to get lost amid new technologies. Staying well-informed of innovation is essential to the sustainability of every organization. That is why TheValueChain’s Beyond Simple event focused on real SAP business cases with new technologies.

About change and people

Keynote speaker Freddy Van den Wyngaert talked about change and people. Two key messages for decision-takers. One, show your belief in change, and have the courage to impose new technologies. And two, show and live your passion. People will follow you.

Show your belief in change, and have the courage to impose new technologies.
(Freddy Van den Wyngaert)

Bru Textiles and Warsco Units

Eric presented the SAP S/4HANA implementation at Bru Textiles. He concluded with interesting lessons learnt about topics such as the value of Enterprise Search, Embedded Analytics and Fiori apps; the remarkable stability of the system (bug fixing is limited); and how S/4HANA changes the way you deal with UX, user maintenance, authorizations and role assignment.

David and Steve explained what you can expect from SAP Business ByDesign, and how to implement it. Illustrated with the first full ERP implementation project in Belgium at Warsco Units.

Frederic KerkhofsSAP Fiori on the factory floor

Frederic Kerkhofs of Atlas Copco Power Tools Distribution testified about SAP Fiori on the factory floor. The picking-to-shipping process is driven by barcode scanners from A to Z. Bye-bye operational instructions on paper! Side effect: reduced time2competence for newcomers. Geert-Jan illustrated the story with screen shots. Fiori combined with scanners works.

SAP Cloud Platform

Anthony Doerga showed how AppyThings enables companies to digitally transform their business with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo. Great cases in areas such as application integration, new business models, customer experiences & engagement, and Internet of Things. Check!

Innovations for utilities

Pieter and Olivier concentrated on SAP innovations for utilities. On the agenda, among other things: the S/4HANA Roadmap for utilities, Fiori for Utilities, CDS views, the S/4HANA simplifications list, conversion paths from ERP 6.0 to S/4 HANA, and the transition approach. They ended their presentation with the simplified front office for utilities, featuring SAP Hybris and C4C.


Anouck elaborated on SAP Hybris Products for Marketing and for Commerce. With Hybris for Marketing, you can build dynamic profiles of your customers and gain deep insights, enabling you to adapt to their needs and market trends. Objectives: increase conversion rates, gain real-time transparency into how your marketing plans work out, giving you the agility to change tactics and seize new opportunities. The built-in omnichannel versatility of Hybris for Commerce lets you engage and transact with customers anywhere, anytime, on any device. It helps you engage and understand your customers in every part of the commerce experience.


Jan Vautmans (Bmatix) and Eric (TheValueChain) straightened out the difference between S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and analytics on (S/4)HANA. Until recently (that is, until ECC 6.0), ERP and BI were separate worlds with their own systems, tools and required skills. HANA unites the world of ERP and BI. SAP offers a wide range of tools, from embedded analytics to BusinessObjects Analytics, Lumira, BO Cloud, Design Studio and Roambi. Your user profile – information consumer, executive or data analyst – determines the type of tool that fits your needs.

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