Belux launch of AppyThings: faster innovation based on APIs

Dutch company AppyThings is expanding its sphere of activity to Belgium and Luxembourg. For that purpose, it will join forces with Gumption. TheValueChain and AppyThings will operate in tandem to accelerate digital innovation with SAP customers. You can learn more about the company at the Digital Shift SAP Forum at Brussels Expo on 6 September.

AppyThings supports companies with digital transformation and the development of API programmes. With APIs, you can open up business data and functionality to apps and websites, including of third parties. “AppyThings focuses on four use cases: application integration, customer engagement, new earnings models and Internet of Things”, says Ivan Leysen of TheValueChain. “These use cases are perfectly in line with our service offering.”

Digital leadership thanks to APIs

‘We live in an API economy,’ says Anthony Doerga, founder and managing partner. ‘APIs are the cornerstone of many successful digital strategies and business platforms. API programmes were the making of companies such as Airbnb, Apple and Facebook. The same principles can be applied to any organisation. By opening up certain data and functions to partners, you create alternative earnings models, find new customers and increase engagement of existing customers. A smart API strategy helps you build your digital leadership.’


In the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, AppyThings achieved success with customers such as PostNL, the Port of Rotterdam, Maastricht University and Bugaboo. Some examples: ‘Via an API platform, you connect your SAP on premise or in the cloud to CRM or HR systems of other vendors to exchange data,’ says Anthony Doerga. ‘You personalise a product configurator based on actual local weather data. You organise a hackathon for developers with restricted access to certain data or functions of your backend system. Or you integrate sensors with an app that tells you when machines are due for a service.’

Gumption as a springboard

For the launch in Belgium and Luxembourg, AppyThings entered into a joint venture with Gumption. The two companies have also forged a strategic collaboration in the Netherlands. Bart Embrechts, managing partner of Gumption: ‘The services offered by AppyThings are in line with the strategy of other companies in the group, such as TheValueChain and Bmatix. The approach of AppyThings opens up a whole new world for many customers.’

To serve the Belgian-Luxembourg market, AppyThings plans to increase its number of employees from 14 to 20. ‘We are targeting an annual turnover in Belux in 2022 of 12.5 million euros with 125 employees,’ says Anthony Doerga. ‘Gumption will be the springboard that helps us achieve this.’

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