Caitena is now TheValueChain Sourcing

Kris De Smedt

Kris De Smedt

Press release – Caitena has changed its name to TheValueChain Sourcing, TVC Sourcing  for short. Caitena was acquired by TheValueChain in December 2015. Companies call on the services of TheValueChain Sourcing to provide staff for their IT projects. TVC Sourcing draws on a network of 2,500 highly qualified consultants in Belgium, with SAP as the main focus.

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TheValueChain helps companies use new technology in an optimal and pragmatic way in line with their business strategy. Projects continue to be the focus, with SAP as the connecting theme.

‘Within this framework, TheValueChain Sourcing will fulfil a specific role,’ Ivan Leysen, managing partner of TheValueChain clarifies. ‘TVC Sourcing is a valuable breeding ground that enables us to tailor our project capacity and skills flexibly to the customer’s needs. In addition, it will continue to serve the customers of the company formerly known as Caitena with enthusiasm, broad expertise and great attention to providing the right business- to-candidate match.’

Kris De Smedt is in charge of TheValueChain Sourcing.

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