Company values in pictures

Gumption values graffiti wallAn 18-metre-long graffiti painting in the lounge area conveys the gut feeling of the Gumption group. Our consultants came up with the images during a thought exercise on company values. One of our creative minds even developed a mini comic strip to represent our value set.

Discussing company values with pragmatically minded employees didn’t seem all that obvious to us. And yet, all Gumption companies took part in the exercise. The theme was well received, much more so than originally anticipated. Apparently, people do think about values, even though it may not always seem that way. The discussions mostly went straight to the heart of the matter. Are company values not typically related to big businesses? Why would you adopt values as an SME? How do they contribute to success? How do you safeguard the authenticity of values? What makes them real and credible?

One consultant told us how important gut feeling was to him. You choose a company based on what it does, but also because you like its mentality, style and approach. Maybe therein lies the essence of honest company values: they translate the shared gut feeling of all employees, giving the company its unique identity. They create a sense of connection in employees and customers.

Values in a picture

At the end of the exercise, the consultants were given an assignment: how do we capture our gut feeling in pictures? This generated dozens of fun ideas. ikwilgraffiti.nl used a couple of these images to create a unique mural. A comic strip by one of our consultants about ants in the entrance hall summarizes the quintessence in two square metres. Think big, excel together, embrace trust, act gumption.

Great work!

Gumption values Gumption values graffiti wall Gumption values storyboard
 Values Think big  Values Embrace trust  Values Excel together
 Values Act Gumption  Gumption values graffiti wall  Gumption values graffiti wall