A fascinating look at the ‘hyperconscious customer’ in Trends

On 13 June, Trends published an interview with Anouck Decock of TheValueChain, Tom Aerden of SAP and Shalini Mitha of Hybris. A fascinating look at the hyperconscious customer and the marketer of the future.

(on customer engagement)

Because of the evolution towards a more digital economy and the success of social media, today’s customers are better informed, show greater engagement and are more vocal about what they like or dislike. This doesn’t mean that the demands in the consumer economy are extravagant. On the contrary. A survey of 2,000 customers revealed that, above all, they are looking for simplicity and value. (Shalini Mitha)

(on marketing skills)

We need marketers with a very diverse set of skills: on the one hand, you have to be a good data scientist to extract the right information from all the data; on the other hand, you also need to have good soft skills to have a perfect understanding of the customer. (Tom Aerden)

(on hyperpersonal communication)

The future is in hyperpersonal communication: delivering the right message at the right time and via the right medium to the right person. This opens up a whole host of possibilities, especially if you combine this with predictive analytics, where you make predictions about buying behaviour and intentions based on the past. (Anouck Decock)

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