GDPR and SAP: how to pave the way for compliancy

7 December 2017
16:30h,  Kontich

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As from May 2018, nearly all data relating to individuals residing in the EU will be protected by GDPR. This includes uniquely identifying information, but also information requested by websites (IP, e-mail addresses, …), physical device information and online transaction histories, across every conceivable online platform. As SAP systems often hold a significant amount of personal data, it is important that organizations using SAP act now to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises.

To prepare for GDPR, you need to set your vision and strategy, and create structures for achieving operational change and compliance.

This requires multi-disciplinary skill sets. That is why SAP Partner TheValueChain joins hands with Inpuls and Snow. Together, we offer SAP clients a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to GDPR.

And in one strike, we optimize your license cost!

Inpuls: information strategy and governance

As a specialist in information strategy and governance, Inpuls supports organisations to get insight into their processes with regard to privacy. Inpuls performs GDPR readiness assessments and helps you develop your strategy and roadmap.

Snow: asset management

Snow Software is a leading developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. Snow GDPR Risk Assessment provides complete visibility of all devices, users and applications across on-premises, cloud and mobile, augmented with GDPR-specific risk assessment to build an effective GDPR plan and response.

TheValueChain: translate strategy into operational systems

As a value-added SAP Partner, TheValueChain helps you translate strategies into processes and operational systems.


Target group: CFO, CIO, CTO, decision-takers in legal, procurement, sales and marketing
Venue: Restaurant Condacum, Pierstraat 311, 2550 Kontich, Belgium

4:30 pm | Welcome drink

5:00 pm | How to achieve GDPR compliance: roadmap and pitfalls – Jan Maarten Willems,
managing partner of Inpuls

5:20 pm | How does asset management help SAP clients to become compliant? – Koen Schaeffers, sales specialist SAP at Snow, and Jan Christoffels, presales GDPR at Snow

5:40 pm | GDPR Starter Package: the pragmatic way to compliancy for your SAP environment – Alex Mesmaekers, partner at TheValueChain

6:00 pm | Networking, sandwiches

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