How to develop SAP Fiori apps from scratch?

In the age of digital transformation, designing Fiori apps is hot. Achieving the best possible outcome requires new skills as well as a new ideation and implementation approach. Be prepared before embarking on this exciting challenge.

Usability and user experience design enter the process-driven world of SAP. Fiori is a set of pre-packaged apps that are designed to work on mobile devices and desktops alike. SAP Fiori’s value proposition is simple: focus is on speed, productivity and savings.

SAP Fiori

Your business objectives and processes as a starting point

Fiori apps will not only simplify and amplify user experience, they will also enable you to re-invent your business processes. A wide range of SAP scenarios are covered already. Every business, however, has its own distinctive processes. As a result, the functionality that you require, may not be available yet. Gaps can be easily filled through enhancements, or by adding your own Fiori-like applications.

Achieving the best possible outcome requires new skills, as well as a new ideation and implementation approach. TheValueChain has developed a 5D Approach to Fiori in order to help you define your needs, identify the gaps, implement standard apps, modify them if needed and design apps from scratch. It uses your business objectives and processes as a starting point, and focuses on the end-user.

5D Approach to Fiori: Define – Discover – Design – Develop – Deploy

Apply the 5 Ds of TheValueChain’s approach to Fiori, and you will create 5-star Fiori apps that will last.


DEFINE  Describe your Fiori app’s objective, key differentiator, target audience and impact on how you work today.


DISCOVER Discover how to maximize simplification and user satisfaction. Build use case scenarios. Find out if standard Fiori apps can be considered for use. If yes, skip to step 5: deploy. If no, go to step 3.


DESIGN  Create wireframes, visual designs, mock-ups, journey maps. Consult with your users. TheValueChain works in close partnership with usability and web design specialist NewBird. Take advantage of usability practices with regard to navigation & search, forms and user flows. These practices are not specific for Fiori app design: they can be applied in all your digital designs.


DEVELOP  Develop the Fiori app and integrate it with your back-end system.


DEPLOY  Deploy your Fiori app but not without thorough unit and integration testing.


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