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GDPR time for action

Have you marked 25 May 2018 in bold and red in your diary? Because that is the day your company must comply with GDPR, the new European regulation for better protection of citizens’ data.

So much to do, so little time

GDPR means there is much work to be done. It has implications for your data streams, security and data governance, among other things. Almost all decision-making centres are involved: from C-level to finance, marketing, sales, HR, legal and IT. If you do the work right, your information management will be future-ready.

GDPR pragmatic & one-stop shop

Together with Inpuls, Gumption has drawn up a STARTER PACKAGE: a multidisciplinary approach focusing on the different perspectives. Based on a list of questions and workshop, we will develop a GDPR roadmap plus action plan for you, with the right priorities and an appropriate amount of detail. Afterwards, we can also assist you, if need be, with the implementation, from A to Z.

Agenda – Thursday 26 October 2017

Target group: CEO, CIO, CISO, CTO, CSMO, decision-makers in legal and HR

18:00: Reception with walking dinner
19:00: Step-by-step plan for GDPR compliance (Jan Maarten Willems, managing partner at Inpuls)
19:30: Implications for security, data governance and data streams (Olivier Leroy, partner at Gumption)
20:00: GDPR Starter Package (Alex Mesmaekers, partner at TheValueChain)
20:15: Post-event chat and networking

GDPR with Gumption and Inpuls

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