The impact of HANA for ABAP developers (SAPience TECH Commision, 18 June)

SAPience logoThe next SAPience.be Tech Commission on 18 June will focus on SAP HANA. Don’t miss TheValueChain’s presentation about the impact of SAP HANA for ABAP developers (14h25-15h10).

With SAP HANA, even seasoned ABAP developers have some learning to do. Existing ABAP code using standard database access via Open SQL runs on SAP HANA without modifications. However, there are some considerations for custom ABAP developments which are recommended to be taken into account during a transition to SAP HANA. In addition, there are opportunities for accelerating and extending existing developments with SAP HANA.

TheValueChain will help you understand the impact of SAP HANA on ABAP application development and give you development guidelines. It will learn you how to get started with ABAP on SAP HANA.

SAPience.be Tech Commission

SAPience.be is the Belgian SAP User Group. It offers SAP users and SAPience.be partners unique opportunities to share information, knowledge, experience and ideas. SAPience.be is divided into 10 commissions, with each commission focusing on a specific area of expertise. The Tech Commission allows users to exchange SAP Technology knowledge and content and gives them insight on how to tackle testing and quality assurance challenges. There are regular commission meetings and a yearly SAPience.be Tech Day.

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