TheValueChain and Gumption companies under one roof in Kontich

Graffiti wallTheValueChain has moved into a new office in Kontich, near the Brussels-Antwerp axis.

Our new home and operating base brings together six independent consulting companies that have joint forces as members of the Gumption group: Bmatix, mobilu, Quality by Design, Rank1, TheValueChainand Vigor. As experts in different disciplines, we offer our clients value-added services and solutions, including unique services that combine several areas of expertise.

We have developed common values and business strategies, and have been acting together at several clients. And now, we also share the same roof, which will give an extra stimulus to collaboration, co-creation, innovation and new business initiatives. Our shared office marks a new chapter in thinking big, excelling together, embracing trust and acting gumption.

Get ready for our big inauguration party in October!

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