SAP Utilities Services

Manage the transformation

Tetrade’s Center of Expertise for Utilities – electricity, gas & water – brings together experience and know-how, collected since 1997. The Center of Expertise concentrates on SAP IS-U (Industry-Specific Solution for the Utilities Industry). Tetrade Consulting helps you manage the transformation in your industry.

Business drivers

Even if utilities have made efficiency gains through innovation, the changes have increased costs, reduced demand and put pressure on profits. Today’s business drivers for utilities companies are cost-efficiency, operational excellence, competition, compliance and sustainability. The ability to handle large data volumes, process real-time data, and use digital channels to connect with customers is a top priority.


Challenges for water companies?

The water sector is facing significant challenges, both in terms of water quality and quantity: climate change adaptation, nutrient recovery, pollutants, renewal of infrastructure, … Waste water treatment and drinking water supply need innovative technologies and management approaches to address these challenges. EU water legislation defines the legal framework to protect water resources. Customers and citizens need a good understanding of the value of water, including pricing policies and the governance of water services.

How can Tetrade support you?

Many challenges require an agile and efficient internal organisation. SAP IS-U helps you shape your utilities business. It supports all the typical functional needs of a water supplier, including call centre management, metering, invoicing and account management.

Tetrade Consulting is a SAP IS-U pioneer in the Belgian marketplace. It has built a team of experienced consultants, who combine advanced technical know-how with sector knowledge and project management skills. One of Tetrade Consulting’s achievements is the development of a SAP IS-U template for the water sector together with Aquasambre. This reference template includes the following functionalities:

  • call center;
  • management of tasks in the distribution network;
  • metering;
  • invoicing;
  • payment and dunning.

Challenges for energy companies?

As from the 1980s, government monopolies were broken up and privatized to stimulate competition and lower energy prices. Deregulation and technological innovation have lowered barriers to market entry, and given consumers the ability to choose their energy suppliers from a wide array of options. Growing concerns about global warming have led to government policies that encourage utilities to embrace renewable energy. New technologies, such as smart meters and grids, put control in the hands of the customer.

How can Tetrade support you?

Tetrade Consulting’s competence pool for SAP IS-U combines solid business experience in gas and electricity with functional and technical SAP expertise. We support all levels of your value chain in today’s liberalized energy market:

  • production;
  • transportation;
  • distribution;
  • supply.

How to manage change?

Tetrade Consulting helps you manage the change:

  • at all levels of the value chain: production, transmission & distribution, metering & supply;
  • in electricity, gas and water;
  • in both project assignments (IS-U functional consultancy and project management) and interim management assignments (SAP and non-SAP).


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